Have You Downloaded Your Free Buyer Guide or Seller Guide?

Have You Downloaded Your Free Buyer Guide or Seller Guide?

Having a skilled, seasoned Real Estate Agent guide you through buying or selling a home in Chesterfield County or Marlboro County is key to protect you while making, likely one of the largest financial decisions of a lifetime.

On that front, we do our best at Property Empire Real Estate to share information with home buyers & sellers so they can make informed decisions.

From how to know you’re buying the right house to preparing your home to sell for the best price.

If you’re ready to buy or sell a home, consider visiting our website to download our FREE Property Empire Buyers’ Guide or Property Empire Sellers’ Guide.

BUYERS – https://propertyempire.com/buyers-guide/

SELLERS – https://propertyempire.com/sellers-guide/

And remember, if you’re buying or selling a home, let us help – so you can make your next right move.

Property Empire Real Estate is a Real Estate Brokerage located in Cheraw SC, serving home buyers & home sellers in Chesterfield County South Carolina & Marlboro County South Carolina.

Secret Sauce Ain’t So Secret Now

Secret Sauce Ain’t So Secret Now

At Property Empire, we utilize a methodical approach when listing a home in order to increase the likelihood of a successful sell.

First is pricing.  We research like homes around a potential listing generally looking at three recently sold homes and three current competing properties to arrive at a suggested, performing listing price.  Next is “packaging“.

Potential buyers want to access as much information as possible via the internet.  So, to meet that need, the data and package may include components such as photos, video, property attributes, property tax information, property plat and much more, allowing a potential buyer to get a sense of the home and it’s opportunities.

Next on the list is marketing/advertising.  In the digital age, internet placement of an available home is vital.  So, it’s important to have the home advertised on websites that garner the right traffic.  Property Empire utilizes Zillow, as a matter of fact we are #1 in “share of voice” – Zillow’s ranking method, in our market area, this includes Trulia as well.  We also funnel listings to another top 3 real estate website – Realtor.com and the Multiple Listing Service.  Lastly we utilize social media as a marketing arm and are very active with listings on Facebook.

Lastly is “closing“.  Once a buyer is secured, there is a journey to collecting the bounty.  Along that path are Attorneys, Inspectors, Appraiser, Lender and others who complete services so that a home can close successfully.  Choosing an Agent who has a network of proven professionals that make the process as smooth as possible ensures a positive experience for all.

At Property Empire, we’ve sold hundreds of homes, so, we’ve been able to refine our process or “secret sauce”, which, we are making not so secret.

If an Agent tries to lure you to list with them at a very low commission, ask yourself, what part of the “secret sauce” are they leaving out in order to provide me such a low commission?

Is it really worth the risk?  Got questions – call or text me 843.910.0929

Tonya Michael | Property Empire Real Estate

Tonya Michael is co-founder at Property Empire Real Estate. She has been an Agent for 15+ years, sold hundreds of homes, has a Zillow 5 Star Rating and nearly 100 positive client reviews.